Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Band Geek's Dictionary

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What's a band geek to do when he has a crush on his best friend, fantasies about making out on marimbas, and a nosy sister who bribes him with snickerdoodle cookies? Band sure is wild! Like American Pie Band Camp, only better. Really.
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Helen Thinks: My music teacher will be the first person to tell you that music and I are not a match made in heaven so I was a little nervous when I started this story; terrified that I wasn't going to understand a thing; but that most definitely wasn't the case in this situation. Ryette does an amazing job of defining each word that is used to title the chapters in a manner that will make anyone understand each thing.

“The Band Geek's Dictionary” is told in first person by Cameron, who tells us he's three things: a junior in high school; an utter band geek; and gay. But not only this, he just happens to have a hot best friend called Travis. The first chapter alone of this story is enough to draw in the reader thanks to the amazing dialogue and banter between the two male protagonists, as well as the minor characters. Very rarely you see dialogue that is so spot on but the casual, fun and sentences dripping with the pretence of being more than just friends made it look as if I was actually witnessing an interaction between my brother and all his friends therefore making it highly realistic.

I would like to point out that the layout can sometimes make it hard to read as it changes time and places without you really noticing due to lack of breakers such as lines or three stars and chapter eighteen suddenly changes point of view without a word of warning but all the same; this shouldn't put you off because it is still an extraordinary read!

Ryette's own prior knowledge into the workings of a band, as well as the twenty six words used to create the Band Geek's Dictionary and to title the chapters, makes this a fabulous read that I literally couldn't turn off until I'd finished.


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