Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Lists & Argyle Sweaters

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"When you prepare for breeding season, do you slip on your comfy argyle sweater and screw the living daylights out of your harem?" I ask him. Argiston rolls his eyes. Or, a girl writes a list of all of her boyfriend's wonderful short-comings.
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Annie Thinks: There is so, so much I can say about this one-shot. It's original, it's sweet, it's quirky. It's different from other one-shots in that there is no plot. It's simply a list that a girl, Mae, made of the shortcomings she's discovered in her boyfriend, Argiston. As the list goes on, though, it seems that his shortcomings are more like endearing, almost cute, qualities, and Mae's list is more of an argument to herself in the hopes of persuading herself out of loving him.

Mae offers an explanation after each item on the list, usually involving an example of a situation. These really help the reader get a feel for Argiston's personality, and also Mae's. Argiston is that perfect guy that only exists in stories--he's adorable, funny, and hot. And he loves Mae to no end. Mae is that girl I think a lot of us are--insecure (though she doesn't need to be), sarcastic, and maybe a bit cynical. She's incredibly relatable and also likable.

Although this one-shot is, on the surface, light and fluffy, and it is, it also hold deeper meanings. Mae is scared to love Argiston so much, but she can't help it. Even his bad qualities are super cute!
Overall, this story is sweet, funny, and grammatically correct! I didn't find many mistakes; grammar, spelling, or otherwise. So, if you find yourself with a little time, I highly recommend Of Lists and Argyle Sweaters--you won't regret it!!


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