Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Rabbit Hole

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The Rabbit Hole by Penelope P
When a riddle from her dead father comes in the mail, Alice Ripley learns that things like pirates, secret passages, skeleton keys, and bad guys who just might want to take over the world actually exist. Wonderland wasn't exactly what she expected.
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Melissa Thinks: It's always a pleasure to read a story based off a well known book or fairytale, and this one is no different. Based off of Alice in Wonderland, The Rabbit Hole centers around a girl named Alive (duh) who, after the death of her father, goes on an adventure in order to find out about a mysterious letter he sent to her before he died. She picks up a few friends along the way, including Shane Grey, a hot badass with a hidden past. And of course, the heat gets kicked up a notch when suddenly they're on the wanted list of a scary vampire named Gabriel.

It's wonderful when a story based off something proceeds beyond the original. Although Alice in Wonderland is a classic piece of literature, The Rabbit Hole does it justice by being wonderfully composed. The characters are so incomparable to many of the genre; unique, three dimensional, and charming. And even though it's based off AiW, the plot is so original and imaginative in every way possible. The funny and quirky banter between Alice and Grey continues to amaze me the whole way through the story (always a wonderful addition). Honestly, you can't go wrong with The Rabbit Hole. The adventure, romance, mystery, humor, and fantasy makes it a lovely read for anyone.


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