Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Being with You

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“I heard you had a girlfriend. Kirk told me she was pretty.” Her voice was wobbly. “She’s beautiful,” he murmured. “Do you love her?” she asked after a pause. He said, “I’ll never love her like I loved you.” Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.
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Annie Thinks: I think by now, xoxluurve's stories should be added to ADoR without being read or reviewed. Just by glancing at the author's name, you know her stories are going to be amazing. That being said, I looooved Being With You.

It's about an adorable relationship between high-achieving Larissa and bad boy-ish Brandon. When the one-shot begins, it seems as though their relationship is perfect--joking around, kissing in the halls, and venting their problems--and at that point, it is. As it goes on, though, problems begin to show up, especially when Bree shows up.

This was one of those one-shots that doesn't feel like a one-shot. It's more interesting and has a more complex plot than others in this category. As it wore on, it became really easy to care about the characters and worry about what was going on. Xoxluurve really has a way of pulling you into whatever wonderful world she's created. The characters were very well-developed and easy to like. The dialogue seemed absolutely perfect--I could hear the words being said in my head with no effort on my part. The plot was clear and definitive all the way through. Of course, it still came with that question that xoxluurve's stories always give me--why can't I write like that?


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