Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chasing Mr. Darcy

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Once upon a time, we met. And for me, that was happily ever after.
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Helen Thinks: When writing this type of story you've got to try your hardest to create characters that your audience will build a rapport with because you've literally got one shot; pun completely intended. Vena Cava's “Chasing Mr. Darcy” is a perfect example of how to do it right.

From a young age, Laura has always been in love with her best friend Mikey (NOT Mickey!) but, unfortunately, he's always been in love with her older sister; Lizzie. The writing layout; that of a diary; was a fantastic touch as it does give the effect that we're having a sneak peek of special moments as the characters age. The range of emotions achieved through Vena Cava's writing is vast and has you scrolling down desperate to read more, finding out what's going to happen for Laura. I applaud Vena Cava for her amazing way of bringing the story to a close; it's a unique way but I'm obviously not going to say any more (if you want to find out more – go read!).

Never in my life have I ever been rendered speechless by a story but this was achieved by Vena Cava and her flawless “Chasing Mr. Darcy”. No matter how many catchy sentences I spin through using my trusty thesaurus; nothing will ever give the justice this story deserves apart from sitting down and just reading this beautiful masterpiece.


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