Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burning Brightly

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Burning Brightly by rosieroo
When a powerful and handsome supernatural being decides to take an interest in your life, you'd be super happy, right? Wrong. He's decided to make my life a living hell. Would this be a bad time to say that I'm falling for him? Woops
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Melissa Thinks: Yet another legendary supernatural story by rosieroo! Twins Rainier and Elezay have just moved to a new school. While Elezay swiftly joins the popular group, Rainier is left with a few select friends and a bunch of people who annoy her. Then things take a strange turn when a Supernatural man keeps showing up around herand she's the only person who can feel his powerful aura which shows him to be different than most. Between the tension at home and her odd new classmates, Rainier is uncovering things that are way bigger than she suspected.

This story is a great big pile of awesome. Rosie is a legend when it comes to Supernatural stories. Firstly, Kailas made me melt into a pile of meltiness within the first chapter of him being there. I loved his powerful, arrogant demeanor in comparison to Rainier's shy, conservative attitude; it created a nice balance in the couple. The Supernatural powers were amazingly thought out, especially Kailas and Rainer's. The writing was, as always, wonderful and I couldn't help but get completely sucked in. The chapter lengths were just right for me, keeping the story from dragging. After you read Burning Brightly, how could rosieroo not be one of your favorite authors?


  1. Sad to say this awesome story isn't complete :(

  2. Love this story after coming across it here, however its tagged as complete although it's not :(



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