Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Hugs

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Free Hugs by Unsure Chances
Present situation: I slept through most of my first class, I had one possibly sprained ring finger, and when I slammed my phone against my nightstand in frustration, it snapped in half. Only on a bad day would I attract a cute guy.
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Helen Thinks: Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like every little thing is going wrong? Well, that’s exactly how our narrator, Alyssa, is feeling in this extremely cute one shot.

She’s slept through her first class, possibly sprained her ring finger and has snapped her phone in half thanks to slamming it in her frustration. Nope, it’s quite fair that nothing could get worse. Wrong. Only today when she’s at her worse would she walk into an extremely cute guy holding a sign that reads ‘Free Hugs’ because he saw she looked sad. Undeterred by her grouchy behaviour, he decides that he’s going to cheer up – besides everyone likes a free hug, right?

Unsure Chances delivers two fantastic main characters in “Free Hugs” that are boosted by flawless writing that has you hooked from the very beginning. Despite Alyssa having a bad day and she’s telling the reader the reasons for said day, she’s never once the type of character that whines too much so you feel like closing off the story. This is thanks to Unsure Chances fantastic characterisation skills as well as her strong writing that shows the emotions without going too far.

This story is a quick, simple read that leaves you wanting to reach out for a piece of cardboard, a marker pen and to see who you could meet as you hand out free hugs.


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