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First Person Perspective

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First Person Perspective by Raz Nic an t-Saoir
An English assignment becomes much stranger as five teenagers find themselves at the centre of the murder story they chose to review. Trying to stop the killer, they find things aren't so black and white.
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Helen Thinks: Five British high school friends are studying a 'trashy crime novel' for an English assignment after our protagonists vote of doing a sci-fi lesbian vampire story is vetoed. However when they wake the next morning in America the morning after two chapters, they realise that there is obviously a reason – maybe they should stop the killer? However, as with all 'trashy crime novels', there's more that meets the eye and the Brits find themselves tangled up with a family where it's not everything is as straightforward as they'd like you to believe.

Throughout this story, the phenomenal planning and plotting from Raz Nic an t-Saoir leaves the writer breathless. Every twist and turn is fluent and never appears to have just been thrown in because they felt like adding. Everything makes sense, has a legible point and most definitely adds to the incredible murderous plot that the Brits are trying to uncover.

As the writers states in her first authors note, they are a British writer so there characterisation of the five British characters are spot on. The way they talk amongst each other, their distress when they remember the drinking age in America is higher than that of Britain and of course, there's obviously the British way of reverting to sarcasm when faced with a difficult situation. This is obviously compared to the way the American's act making the reader able to see the contrast between them, especially when our love story starts to come forward and we see the American warm up to the Brits.

“First Person Perspective” by Raz Nic an t-Saoir is everything I could ask for in a story and more. There's crime with a fantasy twist and the final piece of my trisector is obviously the romance. Move over CSI, there's a new team in town and they're solving murders BEFORE they're committed.


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