Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Save the Cheerleader

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Save the Cheerleader by lillypad-hopper
Gavin hates her. Period. She's stupid and lame and should leave him alone, because he wants nothing to do with her. Unless she's in trouble. Then he might be persuaded to step in. If he feels like it. But it's not because he likes her or anything. Nope.
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Annie Thinks: If you're a sucker for a total hate/love cliche, then look no further. I don't think it really gets more cliche than this one.

It's about Gavin, who is your typical bad boy, and his neighbor Katie, who is your typical good girl. Gavin thinks that Katie is too nice--she puts way too much faith in people then let them walk all over her. When they first met, she was way too cheerful and and happy and innocent. You could say it was hate at first sight. After Gavin made sure to belittle her and just generally act like a jerk, Katie stopped acting like an angel to him and returned his animosity full force. Now, three years later, nothing has changed. At least, not until Halloween.

Save the Cheerleader was a very cute read. It basically solidified the whole "opposites attract" theory. I don't know if I can say the characters were altogether realistic; lillypad-hopper seemed to have really leaned back on the stereotypical, cliche bad boy and good girl. Regardless, it was very well-written. There were a lot of run-on sentences, but instead of being distracting and off-putting, it added to the almost dramatic feel of the story. It also gave good insight into Gavin's head, considering it was in his point-of-view. It's a comparatively short read, so if you find yourself with ten minutes and nothing to do, I definitely recommend Save the Cheerleader.


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