Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

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Izzy was trying to seduce her boyfriend, not the guy who had mysteriously ended up in her apartment claiming to be a pirate from the eighteenth century. Could the night get any worse?
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Ciara Thinks: Lady Femme Fatale’s stories are fairly famous on FP – always well written with excellent characterisation and near flawless grammar. Beautiful Disaster does not disappoint on this front. Full of wit, it tells the story of Izzy and the pirate that shows up in her Californian apartment, Johnny Clover.

Both of the characters made for strong leads with a lot of underlying chemistry. Izzy is a refreshing lead, she is funny, and also plagued with similar insecurities to most women (one particularly memorable quote is:’ Oh my God, is that more cellulite? Shit! How am I supposed to be a sexy kitten with cellulite?’). Johnny is your typical smooth-talking ladies man of a pirate complete with an aversion to love anything but the sea and an arrogant attitude that rubs a powerful witch the wrong way.

My main complaint about the story was that it did feel a little like a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction at times, what with Johnny’s character and his exploits, but don’t let that detract you from what is, on the whole, an enjoyable story.


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