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Cupid's Granddaughter

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Cupid's Granddaughter by GermanSam
I'm like every other person who was forced into their profession. I hate it, the hours are long, I work for my grandfather, and I'm not allowed to fall in love. Piece of cake right?
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Ciara Thinks: One thing that has always struck me about this story is its originality and how well researched it is. GermanSam has cleverly created an Olympia that is both true to its Greek roots and functions like a modern city. The main character Peyton is strong minded and doesn't like working for her grandfather, Cupid (Eros in Greek mythology) but he wants to retire. As a test she must find the true love of a fallen angel called Nate, which will take longer than a match between mortals where the spark is apparent immediately.

Despite their immortal status, Peyton and Nate are both realistically flawed, which allows you to connect to them. Both are very stubborn and frequently butt heads as the friendship develops between them, yet Peyton can be frustrating with her fear to become too close to him.
Eros frequently appears, with his own schemes for everyone, and plenty of tricks up his sleeve.
The story itself is well paced and GermanSam's writing is excellent, interjected with moments of humour that make this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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