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Ana is deaf and depressed. A chance meeting at a live-in treatment center may help her take the first steps towards healing.
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Annie Thinks: Wow. That's the only word I could think as I finished reading this one-shot. It's incredibly intense and original. There are many things that set this one-shot apart from others--for one, it's told in second person narrative, which really helps the reader get lost in the story. It's confusing, but not in a bad way; in fact, the confusion and vagueness adds to the intensity of the story. As a reader, you don't really get to know either of the characters very much, but the love they share is obvious. Another thing that sets this story apart from others is the setting. It was a bit hard to decipher what that was at first, but as it goes on, it becomes very apparent. Another thing is that it's slash. You don't really get that idea at first, but as the relationship between the characters grows, it becomes clear.

It's also written by our very own Belinda, who is lovely and sweet and a very gifted writer. Even though she won a prompt at our first WHWN, the depth of her talent was still a surprise to me.
Deafening is seriously a masterpiece, and I know I say that in a lot of reviews, but I could not find a flaw in it. The things that would normally be bad in a one-shot make this one more powerful, such as the mysteriousness. Although the ending is very cute and happy, I would not consider this story light and fluffy. Even if that is what you were looking for, I highly recommend Deafening--you won't regret it!


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