Saturday, July 7, 2012

beautiful insomniac

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darling, we are all adrenaline and paper cuts and raw electricity shudder-craving solar eclipses. stand here on the precipice of insanity and fall with me.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Rosie Thinks: I've never been a huge fan of poetry, but the first time I read this poem, I fell in love with it. It's just plain beautiful and hypnotic. It is a very deep poem that had me pondering on it's meaning well after I'd read it (for the third time, that is). The strange format adds to the overall feel of the poem and I think CuriousContradiction has been very creative and insightful with the layout. The use of parentheses was original and created further interest and meaning. The lack of capital letters really did add to the overall mood of the poem.

The imagery is just magnificent and really does capture one's emotions and imagination. The poem has a dark, almost obsessive feel to it, but I couldn't help but keep reading it over and over. It is just so raw, making the emotions almost visible. The words she uses are just sheer brilliance. The way she combines them is gripping and she has painted such a vivid picture with them. CuriousContradiction has a brilliant mastery of words to the point that she's made it an art. I'm glad that the talent in this poem has been recognised by SKoW, where CuriousContradiction won an award.


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