Saturday, July 7, 2012

That's So Cheesy

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 12:53 AM
She didn’t like flowers. She didn’t like Valentine’s Day, huge boxes of chocolate, or hideously cute stuffed animals. She didn’t like anything under the category of cliché or cheesy. Sometimes it seemed like the only thing she did like was him.
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Annie Thinks: That's So Cheesy is about a girl who hates all things clichè. Fancy restaurants, stuffed animals, flowers--you name it, she hates it. And who's there to hear her complaining the whole time? Her best friend since kindergarten-age. Throughout the story, the MC is faced with many "cheesy" situations brought on by guys who are obviously all wrong for her. The dialogue was very believable, as were the characters saying it. Both of the MCs have their defining qualities--the girl with her spunky stubbornness, and her male best friend with his sweet supportiveness. Although it was a bit predictable, That's So Cheesy takes a twist on my favorite clichè, Girl and Best Friend. And the ending? So cheesy.


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