Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Does This Make You Uncomfortable?

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She stuck her hand in the back pocket of his jeans. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" He smiled and slid his own hand into the back pocket of the shorts she was wearing. "You'll have to try harder than that." It's funny what games become.
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Annie Thinks: This was one of the first one-shots I read on FictionPress, and re-reading it made me fall in love with it all over again. It's very simple, but it still has the ability to make you feel for the characters.
It's about two people who aren't quite friends-with-benefits but also not just friends. It all started at lunch, when the female MC accidentally starts to play footsie with the male MC, who goes along with it. That's basically their whole game--they do things to each other that definitely test the boundaries between friends and more than friends, trying to make the other feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, they're too engrossed in not giving in to realize that it does make them uncomfortable--in a good way.
It's very cute and light the whole way through. It's a relatively short one-shot, banking in at almost 1500 words, but it still seems like the perfect length. It never really goes in depth about the characters' feelings, but you still get the idea that they like each other. Does This Make You Uncomfortable? is a very cute, short read that may not be for everyone, especially if you're looking for a deeper story. If you want a fluff-errific little story than this is definitely the one for you, and the ending is pretty much perfect.


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