Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Because I Fell For You

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I wanted, wished, and fantasized to press myself against him and kiss him senselessly. He was never suppose to know that. But he knows. Just kill me, kill me now.
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Helen Thinks: Raise your hand if you can state that your best friend has meddled in your life, especially your love life... Well no one can say they have fallen victim to their best friend's meddling as badly as the main character in IncapableDreams 'Because I Fall For You', and if you have then you have the world's best friend

Kimmy's best friend, Roy, has sent her crush of two years a letter stating that she wants to be held close by him while they kiss senselessly. It could be rectified, a simple joke but no... Roy just had to sign it from her. This can't be a good thing, can it?

The fact that this is a relate-able one shot, “Because I Fell For You” has you hooked from the very first scene as IncapableDreams writes the interactions between the two best friends perfectly. The characterisation is spot on. Kimmy is in a scarily calm mood as she replays what Roy did; almost as if trying to believe that it has really happened; while Roy believes that he has been the ultimate best friend by doing such a task. Their interaction has the reader chuckling, and most likely empathising with Kimmy, thanks to the light elements of humour that IncapableDreams has added to the dialogue.

“Because I Fell For You” is a short, addictive one shot that everyone should find a spare five minutes for... Trust me, you won't be let down!


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