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For years now, it's just been me and Mom. Now I'm getting a stepdad, a stepbrother, and my best friend's hot older brother is starting to look at me funny. Maybe he's finally noticing I'm not twelve any more?
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Amy Thinks: The best type of love triangle is when both potential pairings are ones you want to root for. Ones that you are constantly changing your mind on who you want the MC to end up with. Steps does just that.

It's only been Kris and her mom for as long as she could remember, so it was no surprise that having a new stepdad and (quite good looking) stepbrother – who just so happens to also be named Chris – was going to be a bit of a shake up. Let alone having to move to a new town and leaving everything she's known behind. Including her best friend and said best friend's older brother, Peter. He's finally noticed that she's growing up, only as she's moving to the town a half hour away. They find a way to make the long distance relationship work, giving something Kris can look forward to as she starts her new life. Especially when it seems like her and C-H Chris may never get along. But, tragedy strikes, making them the only two that fully understand what the other is going through. Cue in some not so step-sibling like feelings and you've found your love triangle.

There's a handful of times where I just wanted to bang Chris and Kris' heads together because of their selfish, immature, and occasional bratty attitudes concerning their situations. Then I think of how I would have felt going from being an only child and being the center of attention from your mom or dad, and then have to share that attention with a new sibling. Although there were cases of flashbacks that would have better been shown with italics, jeepers09 did a wonderful job of proving that either one of the guys would have been perfect for Kris in the end. I repeat, it's the best kind of love triangle when you can't seem to pick a side.

One forewarning? The ending will have you wanting to curse jeepers09 for pulling a Suzanne Collins and leaving you with a cliffhanger. And praying she posts a sequel!


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