Monday, July 16, 2012

We're Like Dom Perignon

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We're Like Dom Perignon by punkturnedwriter
Summer buys a lot of Kleenex and lets her sleep in her bed and Zach emails her about how sexually frustrated this is making him. Because apparently a boy and a girl can't be friends.
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Annie Thinks: Punkturnedwriter is the author of The Champagne Gang, which, in case you don't know, is one of the most popular romance stories on FictionPress. I'm sure it's very good but (confession time) I've never read it. That being said, I went into this one-shot not knowing what to expect, and I was very impressed. The good thing about it is you don't have to have read Champagne Gangto understand or enjoy We're Like Dom Perignon, even though it's technically based on the story and contains characters from it.

It also contains my favorite cliche--Girl and BFF. Nick is in love with Tasha, who he's known basically his entire life. Everyone thinks they should be together, including Nick himself. He even goes so far as to ask her out, but she says no, she wants to be asked more properly, but as the one-shot goes on, it's clear that that isn't why she keeps saying no.

We're Like Dom Perignon is a beautifully heartbreaking story that really makes you care about the characters, which is imperative for a one-shot to be good. The characters are likable in their honesty, and also believable in the same way. The dialogue is realistic--it sounds like an actual conversation. The bits in between the dialogue is amazing. It really makes you think and feel, even if you've never experienced something like that before. I wish I could find the words to explain the beauty and eloquence this one-shot contains, but you'll just have to read it for yourself!


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