Monday, July 16, 2012

The V Word

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Normal? That word barely fits into Kate's vocabulary. She thought her life was the epitome of weird, that is, until a handsome stranger comes into her shop and tells her that she hasn't fed enough.
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Ciara Thinks: When I first saw this suggestion I was like – ‘Oh no, a vampire story’. Then I realised that not only was it pre-Twilight craze, but also done in a completely original way.

Kate is a admirable strong lead, who has built up a name for herself with her own computer repair shop after her parents and later her foster parents tragically died. That is until a handsome stranger enters her shop and tells her she is looking a bit…starved.

And this sets into motion a story full of vampires locked into a battle of good versus evil with a smouldering hate and love romance on the side between Kate and witty vampire Damien Torres, who’s Spanish to boot (and who doesn’t love an accent now and then).

I must say that some scenes were a little…ahem…steamy for my oh-so British stiff upper lip, however Lulai has written them into the story very well in that they suit the nature of the plot and actually help shift it along.

Overall, despite it not being a story I would typically choose for myself, I did really enjoy it – Lulai’s writing is excellent and blends together romance and action into a killer combination.


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