Monday, July 16, 2012

In the Cookie Jar

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-which is where my hand is at the moment. That is, if the Cookie Jar is the school's notorious bad boy's back pocket with the whole school watching on. "What do you think you're doing?" "Er..."
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Helen Thinks: “In the Cookie Jar” by productofdreams is most definitely one of the most unique stories you will ever come across on fictionpress. Having a talent for pick-pocketing, Zee is hired by the head cheerleader to get her mobile back from our male protagonist before he can incriminate her. What Zee did not count on was being caught with her hand in his back pocket – by the whole school.

Through the introduction of such an amazing and quirky female character and her interactions with the male lead, a productofdreams has created a story that will have the audience hooked from the very first word right down to the last. This is also helped through the story not being the typical cliché where they meet, flirt with each other and then share a kiss while swapping admissions of love. Oh no, that's just too plain for our quirky Zee.

I believe “In the Cookie Jar” belongs in everyone's favourites as it is a story you will return to again and again.


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