Monday, July 16, 2012

Out to Pasture

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Connor's a city boy who has just moved to the country. Mason is a country boy whose twin brother is trying his hand at matchmaking.
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Helen Thinks: Here's a fact about me that you don't know... I love farmers. My university was combined with the agricultural college so there was pretty farmer boys all over campus and it was my idea of heaven. That, however, doesn't even come close to the paradise that is this story.

“Out to Pasture” by Kimagure sees Connor, a city boy, moving to the country where he buys a cow from Mason's brother which he believes is a female. However, once Mason realises what his brother has done he goes round to make sure that their new neighbour is doing okay, as well as confessing that “Daisy” is not a she.

Do you know what makes this story extraordinary? It's a romance story set on a farm. Throughout all my time on fictionpress, I have never read a story based on a farm and I think this change of setting has made it stand out against all other stories. Kimagure either has a background knowledge or did some amazing research into the running of a farm because the information provided throughout the story shows accuracy as well as helps paint the scene of a city boy trying to learn the ropes. This is another amazing aspect to “Out to Pasture”. Kimagure's characterisation is spot on. As the reader, you can really feel that Mason is an experienced farmer whereas Connor is a city boy that's jumping into the deep end.

“Out to Pasture” is the kind of story that has you wanting to pack up your home and move to the countryside in hope that you'll find your own hot farmer to show you the ropes...


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