Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Text and Drive

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Life Lesson 1. Given: There is an inverse relationship between the hotness of a guy and my intelligence level. Find: The reason why I hopped into a hot stranger’s truck as soon as he asked. Solution: His hotness a.k.a. my stupidity.
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Helen Thinks: Sakurelle shares with us a completely different type of Valentine's Day story with “Don't Text and Drive”. All Melinda wanted was cheese to make a sandwich when she nearly got mowed down by a bright red truck, the driver not even paying attention because he's too busy sending a text!

“Don't Text and Drive” is a creative, unique one shot that will have you smiling along with every moment as you read. The catchy dialogue; especially the first part of the interaction where Melinda yells at him; is believable and helps the reader build a rapport with both characters. Even though we all know not to get into a stranger's truck, I think everyone can admit they would have been curious enough to see what happens and the reader lives vicariously through Melinda.

This story is a short, sweet and stunning read that will have you returning time and time again.


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