Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Love Doctor

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One plus one equals two. Yellow plus blue equals green. Two crazy in love best friends equals the cutest couple ever. But one surly Mr. I-don't-believe-in-happy-endings, plus one slightly insane Little Miss Matchmaker? Not even Newton can find an answer
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Annie Thinks: I am in love with this one-shot. This was the fourth or fifth time I've ever read it and it's still not boring. It's about--well, it's about a lot of things, but if you want to narrow it down extensively, it's about love. It opens with the main character teaching her seven year-old sister how to discern friendly gestures from romantic gestures. That's a theme that remains constant throughout the story--the difference between friends and more-than-friends.

The MC grows closer with black-clad cool guy Christopher Ridge while trying to set up her best friends, who are totally head over heels for each other but don't know it. Of course, as they get together, feelings begin to emerge between the MC and Chris, though the MC isn't quite as aware of them as Chris is. When he asks for advice concerning his so-called mystery girl, our MC gets jealous, which, in turn, gets her confused.

The conversations and situations the MC is involved with are so cute and hilarious--I was both aww-ing and laughing throughout the whole story. Her narrative voice is so down-to-earth and funny. Although it doesn't seem long enough for the characters to develop and give the reader enough time to get to know and care about them, I really found myself liking all of them, especially the MC, who is adorable and quirky and kind. There were so many original, cute, funny lines--if I could quote all of them, I would, but I guess you'll just have to read it yourself.


  1. Haha, actually, her name is mentioned; Aimee. A small total of five times, in fact.

    That aside, this was a good oneshot. :)

    1. Annie never mentions that the character's name isn't mentioned throughout the one shot...

      Fabulous review for a fantastic story.

    2. Well, she definitely changed the review, because I distinctly remember the review saying that Annie didn't know the name, stating that 'Come to think of it, we never learn the name of the main character.'

    3. Yes, the review was edited. Sorry for the confusion!



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