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He was dark, handsome and killed anyone who looked at her. Amelia Spitz's heart never stood a chance.
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Melissa Thinks: The first chapters of this story were almost a struggle to read and I really contemplated just giving up and rejecting it. I'm glad I didn't. Although it is the sequel to Agony, Stranger can surely stand on it's own. I didn't read the prequel and yet there was enough information provided so that I could be relatively informed on the events previous to the story. Amelia Spitz, now Louise Dennis thanks to the Witness Protection Program, is on the run from who she could consider the love of her life. Nathan is a sexy possessive man who killed his best friend for Amelia and after 10 years in jail, he's back and looking for more from her.

After the first several chapters, this story became completely kickass. Amelia was sarcastic and a bit cynical which in turn made her totally funny, memorable, and awesome. Even though Nathan was a little... psychotic, I seriously was rooting for him to get together with Amelia the whole story. He does have his low points, but that's what made it so realistic. I liked the fact that this story was easy to get through and never seemed to drag on like some stories can. The plotline was so imaginative and the formatting was different than most stories; I truly applaud the author for her creativity At times there were grammar mistakes and a few inconsistencies, but it's really a story worth reading.


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