Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Malcolm

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Getting Malcolm by pinkmist
He stared down at me, eyes dark and unrelenting. "Do you want Malcolm?" Stupid question. But I nodded anyway. "Then kiss me." Talk about getting caught between a rock and a hard place. 
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Amy Thinks: Some people (cough*Rosie and Melissa*cough) cannot stand love triangles. Moi, on the other hand, loves them. And when one happens to also have a bit of hate/love along with it? Well..... I am one happy judge.

You see, Adelle is in love with her best friend Malcolm, and the only one that is aware of her true feelings is his best friend. And Brent Mendoza is right at the top of the list of people that Adelle abhors. The two cannot stand to be in each others presence for any length of time. If they happen to be, then insults and condescending remarks ensue. So what happens when the man that can't commit to a relationship longer than two months and refers to “girlfriends” as “bunnies” admits to her he's head over heals for a girl? And then kisses Adelle? Oh, just concoct a plan to date each other and make the object of their affections realize what they're missing. Now, what could possibly go wrong?

Pinkmist has created a story fueled with sexual tension between Brent and Adelle, fully cementing that there is a fine line between love and hate. Her writing is addicting, and her characters all have flaws that make them human and relatable. With very few minor errors that are hardly noticeable. Getting Malcolmdeserves that SkoW award, and I will be anxiously awaiting an update....trying not to pull my hair out as I yell at my laptop/phone screen for more.


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