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Then There Was You

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Then There Was You by S.J. Byrd
With a nickname like Scary-Douche-Roommate-From-Hell, did Stacey really expect me to like this guy? Then, for some reason, I did.
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Helen Thinks: “Then There Was You” by S.J. Byrd sees Erik going out on a double date with his best friend, Stacey, the guy that she is trying to date, Bryan, and his room mate, Raphael. The reason for the double date was for Erik to distract Raphael; who Stacey believes has a crush on Bryan; while she gets to know Bryan. What no one expected was for Erik to actually like Raphael or for Raphael to like him back...

Despite being your typical cliché of a begrudging set up turning into a blossoming romance, you most definitely can not describe “Then There Was You” as typical. S.J. Byrd creates characters that have in-depth histories and character quirks that shows the amount of both background knowledge and research that went into creating the characters, making them realistic and three dimensional. Due to having just gotten started, the characters are only just starting to develop but I have huge faith in S.J. Byrd being able to blow our minds with what she has in store for each character. However, this does not prevent the readers from being able to build a rapport with each character and understanding how they are feeling as situations unfold. This is all thanks to S.J. Byrd's excellent writing, especially when it comes to the dialogue between the two characters. The amazing writing also the reader clicking the 'next button' obsessively, addicted to each word of the story and desperate for more.

Like previously stated, this story is a new piece of work to fictionpress and it is just getting started so I suggest clicking the alerts button because, like me, you are going to want to know how it ends!


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