Monday, July 16, 2012

Love Surveys Are for Desperate Romantics

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“Would you go on a date with me, Shea O’Connor?” “No.” His face fell. “Yes.” He raised a brow. “Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know.” She inhaled sharply. “I like bananas.” 
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Helen Thinks: "Love Surveys Are For Desperate Romantics" by artofjula is a story that makes me think "damn, will this ever happen to me?" I mean, I spend my fair share of time at the library and I have yet to fall in love with a handsome librarian called Guy - but seriously, he looks like a Jimmy as our female main character starts to call him - without realising I'm falling in love with him. That is exactly what this humorous little one-shot is about.

Artofjula has written a masterpiece that shows how flawless humour writing really can be. The banter between our female main character and the other characters; main or minor; will having you laughing along and sometimes even burying your face in your hands as you shake your head. This effect could have only been made possible if the characters were plausible and that is exactly what artofjula has done. Shea is your average girl that likes to hang out at the library and resorts, unintentionally, to humour when facing an awkward situation.

Even though it is a light read, "Love Surveys Are For Desperate Romantics" is filled with heart warming moments that makes it a story you will often want to revisit.


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