Monday, July 16, 2012

The Silver Tower

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 12:55 AM
This is not the tale of Rapunzel. There was no damsel in distress in the topmost room, mournfully waiting for her well built lover to gallop forth on his mighty steed. There was a damsel, aye, but she was an angry peasant girl whose name was Saran.
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Melissa Thinks: Featured on Project Fiction and the La Campanella Awards, it's a no brainer that this story is good. The Silver Tower is a fairy tale at heart. A girl named Saran is trapped in a silver tower (much like Rapunzel) and when she get's out, she finds herself in a bit of trouble. There is great voice in this story which, to me, made it truly sound like a fairytale. The author writes with amazing word flow and detail, giving it the feel of an actual published story. Saran is a very dynamic character; you can see her changes, differences, and lessons learned at the end of the tale. The Silver Tower, in certain parts, was a mystery that unraveled as the story progressed and that‘s what really kept my attention throughout reading it. It's not very often that we see a well written fairy tale on FP, so to anyone who's looking, this one's for you.


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