Friday, July 20, 2012

Emery & Me

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He looked towards my waist before groaning and looking away. “Look what you’re wearing.” Confused, I glanced down, and immediately realised the dilemma. I was in my underwear. “Oh.”
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Rosie Thinks: I'm always pretty vocal about my dislike of love triangles, but I will admit that a love triangle can be amazing when done right - and I consider this a love triangle done right. Emery is Bronwyn's sister's (Amber's) new boyfriend. He appears at first to be a bit of a bad boy but as the story progresses, you get insight into his character and see how sweet and loveable he really is. Bronwyn loves her sister and has always been close to her, despite being a tad jealous, and so doesn't understand why lately Amber has been so distant. Finding this out creates some suspense and is one of the very many reasons why I kept clicking the 'next' button.

The interactions and tension between Emery, Amber and Bronwyn is palpable. In.the.Wardrobe has captured the family dynamics between the two sisters perfectly and realistically. Even though at the beginning you're lead to not like Amber very much, the author still doesn't paint her as an all-round bad character. Rather, Amber stays realistic and well-balanced, though I can't say I liked her much, especially at the start

This story is another case of extremely well written dialogue that just flows, expressing each character perfectly. Bronwyn was a little bit quirky but entirely loveable. She made for a great MC and I enjoyed being inside her head for the story. Nothing in this story is overly-cliche and it was a great read, especially since In.the.Wardrobe has such an amazing way with words. And she's a fellow Australian, which just made the story that much better for me!


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