Friday, July 20, 2012

25 Steps to the Altar

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You caught me staring at you the first time we met. I don't remember why I was staring, but I do believe your exact words were, "tormented by my beauty?" I smirked at the comment.
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Rosie Thinks: This one-shot is set up in a very interesting way - 25 perspective changes, in 'his' and 'her' POVs (both characters are unnamed). This sounds like it would be quite jarring and annoying, but nexia managed to pull this off quite well. It ends up being extremely sweet and cute to see their love story in stages, in both their POVs. Another interesting thing nexia has done is set both POVs in first person, but they address the other as 'you'. nexia, once again, has managed not to turn me off the story and it actually drew me in. Both these features I found to be incredibly unique, so that this story will be one I won't forget.

I don't know how Nexia managed it in such a short space, but both the characters had their own personalities and quirks. They start out as cliche, almost stereotypical characters - the jock and the nerd - but they develop into more than that as you read on.

I loved how this story didn't give you every detail of their relationship, but it gave you insights into what happened at different stages. All of it was well-written and to the point, and I liked how the author didn't use copious amounts of detail. It was adorable seeing their relationship grow and the whole thing made for an ultra sweet, fluffy read.


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