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A Summer Solstice

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All I wanted was one last peaceful summer before I finished college. Needless to say, I hadn't expected my brother's best friend to climb through my window every night...or that it'd be so hard to turn him away.
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Annie Thinks: A Summer Solstice is easily in my top 5 Girl and Best Friend stories. It's one of my favorite cliches--girl and brother's best friend. Despite the cliche-ness, NehemiaH still manages to put an original spin on it.
It's about Lexi, a 21 year-old college student who comes home for the summer. Her older brother's best friend since childhood, Seth, suddenly begins to take a liking to her. From day one, he stops treating her like the little sister he's always thought her to be, and more like an actual woman. He starts to sneak into her room at night, and they try taking it slow, but they fail. Throughout their whole relationship they struggle to keep it away from Lexi's brother, Rich, even though their parents want Lexi and Seth to get married.

Overall, A Summer Solstice was a very cute, fluffy read, even though it's rated M--and for good reason. Some of the scenes border on smut, so if that's not your thing, you probably shouldn't read it. However, although it does get pretty graphic sometimes, NehemiaH still manages to capture the sweetness of the moments. It was well written, too; the author does a wonderful job at conveying Lexi's emotions in words. The dialogue was always natural and never distracting or stiff. The characters were very real--they both had faults which showed throughout the story. It's a pretty fast read, too, with eleven short chapters that I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning/night to read. I highly recommend A Summer Solstice, as long as you're not offended by lemon-esque scenes.


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