Monday, July 23, 2012

Get Mad, Baby

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Sometimes being a scorned woman is an incredible turnon. At least to a guy who's been in and out of anger management.
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Helen Thinks: “Get Mad, Baby” by DevonnyAuriel can only be described as a case of the blind leading the blind which makes for an extremely fantastic read. Our female lead, Devonny, is finally fed up of being walked over by her boyfriend – because seriously, who wouldn’t see your boyfriend sleeping with your own sister as the last straw? – so she’s finally feeling reckless. With a baseball bat. Enter our handsome male lead, Peter, who has an infamous reputation for being a bad boy and has been to anger management who is trying to talk her down from doing something so stupid...

DevonnyAuriel has written a beautiful masterpiece that has the reader addicted from the very first line. Her characters are believable and extremely realistic. Devonny’s sudden rush of feeling angry lasts for those adrenaline induced minutes before returning to her usual horrified self which was a fantastic display of characterisation. And Peter... Oh what can I say about Peter apart from wishing that he was real? He’s a bad boy but DevonnyAuriel hasn’t been too enthusiastic with his bad boy traits. There’s no jail time, no heavy tattoos nor was he wearing chains and leather pants. From breaking this mould, DevonnyAuriel has created a believable bad boy that all girls know their father’s would cry about them dating but they’re going to do it anyway. The reader may not be able to relate to the characters scenario but they sure as hell can understand and feel what it is the characters are feeling.

This is such quirky and unique one shot you can’t help but love it as you read. Trust me, if this is a way to catch the attention of a cute guy then find me a creep’s car and a baseball bat...


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