Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just Because

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Bright blue skinny jeans can't get you out of everything. Especially when your arch nemesis dumps barbeque sauce on them and then acts like a homophobe even though he really isn't.
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Helen Thinks: With his flamboyant wardrobe that contrasts with his shy persona, Parker just can't seem to go a day at school without being harassed by Alex Barton. He doesn't mind the stealing of the wallet or his keys but what he can't stand is the constant homophobic abuse that Alex throws at him. When assigned together to work on an English Literature project where they have to share secrets and personal thoughts, the boys find themselves forgetting about their bullying past and find themselves forming a friendship.

“Just Because” is the companion story to the previously reviewed “The Band Geek's Dictionary” by Ryette and as much as I loved the first story, I adored this one. The best thing is that Ryette has written it so that you don't have to read the first one (but if you have any common sense and want a good read then you most certainly should!) and yet you still get an amazing grasp of the characters from the previous story.

The highlight is that the progression in Ryette's writing throughout the stories is flawless. All writers progress with time and Ryette shows us how it's done. This new story shows a ratio of narration to dialogue which saw more narration, and there was also cute little moments that showed we were actually seeing this through Parker's eyes rather than it just being a narration. The characters all face realistic problems such as fights with parents, squabbles with friends and being madly in love with someone that will never love you back. The writing also had you craving every moment whether it being one of friendship, romance or even anger. Stopping halfway through this story is impossible so set some spare time aside and get lost in this tale of love and hate that will leave you begging for more.


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