Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hiring a Hooligan

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Determined to put the fear of God into the racist homophobe who messed up her best friend, mild-mannered Jane Hazelton resorts to hiring a thug to do the job. Trouble is, said thug isn't interested in money, he's interested in her.
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Rosie Thinks: This story is a classic geek and the hot guy story. It features Jane, the ultimate fact-spewing nerd, who hires Rafe Moretti to beat up one of the homophobic popular guys. All the characters in this are just amazing - they definitely have their own personalities and are characterised beautifully. The friendship between Jane and Suril was downright hilarious to read about and they really were true best friends. Jane is both funny and incredibly intelligent, and paired with her strong voice she was a great MC to read about. The facts she comes up with are hilarious and also super creative on Deena's part, as they all seem to be strange yet so relevant.

Rafe, on the other hand, is the irresistible Italian bad boy who can't seem to resist Jane's quirky charms. One of my favourite characters (other than the MCs of course) was Jane's crazy grandma, who acts more Jane's age than she does. Deena wrote her so hilariously that I wish I could meet a real life version of her!

The plot was completely concrete and original, with scenes that will leave you feeling every different type of emotion (but mainly humour!). Deena writes beautifully and everything - from the dialogue to the description - flows. The romance between Rafe and Jane was timed perfectly and filled with great chemistry. All in all, 'Hiring a Hooligan' is, without a doubt, a masterpiece.


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