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She thought he was a stain on the family tree. He thought she was the perfect match for his snob-of-a-brother. Negative first impressions on a deserted highway at 2 A.M. ––and the worst part was, they could've had each other at 'hello'.
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Rosie Thinks: I consider this one-shot to be a bit of a fictionpress classic - so if you haven't read it yet, go do it now! This one-shot is all about why it's a mistake to make assumptions ('ass-out-of-u-and-me', anyone?). Jayden, the 'black sheep' of the family, is used to picking up his 'oh so perfect' brother's dates when he's abandoned them somewhere. So basically, when Jayden picks up Amy at 2am, he thinks she's a snob and she thinks he's a deadbeat. Consequently, their first meeting is a complete disaster. At first, the reader could also assume these things about the two characters. But as the story unfolds, it was enthralling to see the way dear-llama fleshed out the characters and made them into real people.

It's all in Amy's POV and she has a very strong, sarcastic voice that is hilarious to read. The dialogue exchanged between Amy and Jayden is witty and flows beautifully, their personalities both distinct. The chemistry between them is amazing and was present from the very beginning. The story very much revolved around the two, with other characters only mentioned briefly (other than Jayden's brother). I found the whole premise of this one-shot completely original and it made for a marvellous read.

It's not entirely light-hearted as it has a realness to it that stops it from being fluff. The writing is all spot on, with only one teeny tiny mistake that I could find. Amy makes for one distinctive 'damsel in distress' that I wouldn't mind reading about again.


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