Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Healing Properties of Tea

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It's not every day a gorgeous, enigmatic stranger gives you a cup of tea just to cheer you up. Actually, in my case it is. Why is he doing this, and more importantly, who is he?
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Rosie Thinks: If you've ever wondered how to woo a girl through tea, here is your answer. This little gem is romantic comedy at its finest. It's not very long - only nine chapters - but it made for such a cute, entertaining read. If you ever need a quick dose of well-written romance, you'll find it here.

It's sweet from the very beginning right up until the end. Naomi is having a horrific day at the book shop she works at, with everything going wrong, until Carson shows up offering her tea. It all progresses from there into some hilarious, some awkward, and some downright cute situations.

I found Naomi's voice to be quite strong and I liked her unassuming character. She's nice, clumsy, funny, and just a little bit too hung up on finding Mr Darcy. I like how Holly was always there to bring Naomi back down to earth. Emakoke's great writing style has set this story apart for me from the many other romantic comedies on this site. It also made me want a cup of tea and I don't even like tea!


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