Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breathtakingly Gorgeous

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Breathtakingly Gorgeous by xoxluurve
“I'm already in love with someone,” I said. “And who is this supposed moron,” he muttered darkly. I turned and looked at him. Oh God, here goes the last shred of dignity I own. I took a deep breath. “You.”
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Annie Thinks: Ahh, another masterpiece from xoxluurve. I think I've made my awe of her apparent in earlier reviews, but seriously, she can write anything. This time, it's a hate/love one-shot.

It's about sarcastic, stubborn Kaia and popular, womanizing Ryan. If that doesn't sound like a clichè, I don't know what does. Still, xoxluurve manages to put a unique spin on it to make it seem less common. It seems like we all have a bit of Kaia in us--she's mature, witty, and a bit in denial. She is also sworn enemies with Ryan. Or at least, she thinks she is.

Although it was a bit obvious as to how it would end up, the ending was still aww-inducing. Kaia's narrative voice was adorable and childish, which was super cute most of the time, but it did get a bit tiring after awhile. In spite of that, this one-shot was surprisingly believable, even though, let's face it, the most popular guy in school probably won't be declaring his love for anything anytime soon.
Xoxluurve has created another beautiful, sweet one-shot that really makes you care for the main characters and hope for them to end up together.


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