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Sabotage by Mardy Bum
They were untouchable. The seven deadly sins of her school had destroyed her brother. Now, she was out to destroy them. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
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Rosie Thinks: Let me forewarn everyone: this is not your typical high school romance. It's dark, twisted and more than slightly addicting. The plot is original and convoluted - the ways in which the smaller story lines came together will make your head spin.

After the suicide of her brother, Jenny Hander has set out to get revenge upon those who drove him to it - the popular kids at her school. Each of these students have been likened to one of the seven deadly sins, in an interesting twist. I loved that Mardy Bum did this and the small blurb on each sin/student she gave at the beginning of some chapters. It added to the story and made it just that much more intense.

Jenny Hander is one of the most interesting protagonists I have ever come across - a lot of other people must think this too, as she won Best MC Portrayal at the SKoW Awards. Jenny's character is built up by Mardy Bum's beautiful imagery and descriptions. You get inside Jenny's head but you also see other character's reactions to her. She is developed well throughout the story and the imagery of her at the end is just breathtakingly emotive (you'll all have to read to find out!).

There are a few mistakes but those can be easily overlooked. The tension between all the characters is palpable and just adds to the overall suspense. Mardy Bum truly does have a special way with words and a knack for writing emotive stories.


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