Thursday, July 12, 2012

paper hearts

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rip easily, as you found out.
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Helen Thinks: In “Paper Hearts”, Citrus Scented has shown the power of how little is more. This poem consists of three short stanza's and yet each one; even the sentences themselves; are dripping with the raw emotion of someone having their heart broken. Many techniques are used throughout this poem to make it visually stunning; as well as literary pleasing. Citrus Scented centred the entire text, used little love hearts to divide the stanzas but the bravest move was the lack of both capital letters and punctuation. This; in my opinion; just adds to the raw emotion, making it feel as if the character is genuinely that heartbroken they do not have time to sit and worry about a full stop after their sentences because it is a whirlwind of emotion, a wave that just needs to be set free! Add to this the beautiful imagery spun by Citrus Scented's words that allows the reader to imagine each moment, you have a poem that is a delight; despite it's topic; to read.


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