Friday, July 20, 2012

Kissing You and The Rest

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And why do we need to go to the mall today?" "To fulfill my New Year's Resolution." "Which is?" "To kiss every guy I see in the next fourteen hours." Oh, isn't life hilarious?
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Annie Thinks: Stories like this are the reason why I love fiction. In fiction, you can do things that you wouldn't do in real life. As Daniel Tosh (who is a jerk) once said, "If I wanted to watch people doing things that were possible, I'd go outside." I mean, obviously it's good for stories to be realistic, but personally, I don't think a good story is altogether probable.

Kissing You And The Rest is about Clover, a girl who plays it safe with the whole "love" thing. Her New Year's resolution was to kiss every black-haired green-eyed guy she sees in the next fourteen hours. So, she sets off to the mall with her best friend Caroline and attempts to do just that. She does surprisingly well, kissing five guys before her friend Jack comes along, who (spoiler alert) has black hair and green eyes.
Obviously, the plot is pretty unrealistic. What girl in her right mind would go around kissing strangers who look like Harry Potter (the book version)? Furthermore, why does she see so many guys with black hair and green eyes? I don't think that's a very common combination. But she does, and Sparkling Acrobat somehow makes it seem believable. The dialogue is pretty realistic, as are the descriptions. The narration is original and entertaining. It's a good length, too; just under 3,200 words, which is short enough to keep your attention yet long enough to sufficiently tell the story. It would be nice if it had a bit more character development, though--I found it hard to care about Clover and Jack. Still, Kissing You And The Rest was a cute, fluffy read that comes with high recommendations from me.


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