Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drunk on Love

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“Something old: her ex-boyfriend Casey. Something new: his gorgeous wife Julia. Something borrowed: a slinky black dress. Something blue: eyes staring at her like she's crazy.”
Banner Credit: Amy

Amy Thinks: In the beginning of the story, Becca is definitely not Drunk on Love, but rather the Amaretto Sours she's downed while watching her ex-boyfriend marry another woman. It would be hard enough for any young woman attending an ex's wedding. But when the ex was the one they thought was The One, it's only that much harder. Thank goodness Becca has a handsome groomsman Nick to distract her and make her head fuzzy with thoughts that don't surround happily married Casey. But, if he's so happily married, what right does he have to be jealous of Nick and Becca?

It's an easy read. Not too much dialogue or narrative. A decent balance with only a few missing words or misspellings that can easily be overlooked. The only thing I can say that aggravated me was that the story is on wattpad. That may not bother other readers as much as it does me, but the layout is just a bit too complicated when reading. Chapters are broken up into pages, which I found to be a bit of a pain. Or it could stem from my laziness when reading online.

However, despite my obvious dislike and how I've made it known I'm not a big wattpad supporter, I urge others to give it a read. Nick is a true gentlemen and with Casey caring more than he should about Becca, it's definitely a love triangle I want to read more about. With humor infused in the not yet heavy drama, it's a refreshing and feel good read. And maybe.... you'll end up like me and just may follow the story through to it's end. Wattpad or not.


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