Thursday, July 19, 2012


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One evening I sat on the grass and watched the sun disappear. This is my interpretation of what one of life's gifts, a sunset, is like to me.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: No matter where a person lives in the world, they will still find themselves completely enamoured when they witness the beauty that is a sunset and that is exactly the emotion that ThePointGirl has captured in “Sunset”. It's a short, sweet and simple poem but one that everyone should most definitely read. Thanks to vivid and descriptive language, ThePointGirl manages to paint a beautiful image of a sunset into the reader's mind. I believe when you shut your eyes after reading such a striking masterpiece, the reader will believe they're lying in their favourite spot watching a sunset. I would issue a word of warning though, the layout is completely different to any other type of poem. This could have been a literary ploy; I'm sure your English teacher would go on for hours about it being the long lines of the horizon; or it could have just been a layout error thanks to fictionpress. Either way, this should not prevent you from reading such a mesmerising poem.


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