Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Meaningless Existence at a Frozen Yogurt Shop

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It was on that day that I began my downward spiral of meaningless sex, alcoholism, violence, and… okay, not really. But it felt close to something like that.
Banner Credit: Anita Darling

Annie Thinks: This one-shot is ridiculous. In a good way. It isn't ridiculous in that it's bad (because it's definitely not), but just everything the main character does because of a very attractive guy is ridiculous. I mean, you always hear stories about guys being awkward around beautiful girls, but a lot of the time, in fiction, girls are sarcastic and snarky in front of a handsome guy, which just does not happen in real life, and it didn't happen in this one-shot either.
It's about a girl who works in a frozen yogurt shop while she attends college. Every Friday at 3 pm, a guy whose looks surpasses those of Michelangelo's David and can turn Greek gods gay, comes in and orders the same thing. Because of this, she starts affectionately calling him Mr. PYBBA (an acronym of his usual order), though she hasn't exactly met him. Every time he comes in, she hides away in the storeroom and has her co-worker deal with him... until she learns he can see her staring at him through the glass door.
My Meaningless Existence at a Frozen Yogurt Shop is an adorable story that had me giggling like crazy. It's told in first person, so the reader really gets an idea of what goes on in the main character's head. She's so quirky and silly--it's impossible not to like her. The dialogue is pretty good too; it was realistic without being boring. With almost 4,500 words, this one-shot is the perfect length, and the last line really ties it all together!


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