Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ring of Fire

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Kelsey is a rock journalist on the verge of burning out, when mysterious musician Gideon Summers invites her to his cabin in the mountains for the interview of a lifetime. If only he hadn't forgotten to mention that he's a werewolf looking for a mate.
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Melissa Thinks: It starts with an interview. A simple interview between Kelsey, a journalist, and Gideon, a rockstar. But what Kelsey doesn't know is Gideon has what one would call a strange condition. He's a werewolf. He's looking for his mate and he just might have found one in Kelsey. Whether or not Kelsey is up for that is a different story.

This story deals with a lot of lust; Gideon and Kelsey want each other, but Kalsry is too afraid to act on her feelings. A lot of lust entails a lot of naughty scenes: be warned. The writing is very clear and detailed and it helps us to understand exactly what each character is thinking (POV switches off between Kelsey and Gideon). The concept of this story is in no way cliche and definitely strays from the usual werewolf stories. One of the best parts of this story is how mysterious the characters are. They both have a dark past and they're both flawed in their own ways. This story was laced with darkness and that's what made it so thrilling. The dialogue was almost flawless, as well as the grammar. A perfect story for werewolf lover.


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