Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boys Suck

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 1:51 PM
"Would you like anything written on the cake? You know... Happy Birthday, Congratulations so and so?" He asked. "Yeah," I responded. "Do you think you could write something along the lines of 'Boys Suck?"
Banner Credit: Sarah

Ciara Thinks: This is a cute little story, consisting of just three chapters. EruptingFender9’s writing is excellent, with strong dialogue, and is rich is witty humour.

The story starts with Riley, whose friend has just broken up with her boyfriend, buying her an ice-cream cake that says ‘Boys Suck’. Who should sell her this cake? A boy of course, a very likable, slightly dorky boy called Travis.

This is as sweet as an ice-cream cake with plenty of cute and awkward moments between the pair and the ending itself is just perfect, it really is, and it made me giggle incessantly for a while.


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