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Season for Love

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Kate's brother has fallen in love but the parents of the love of his life don't approve of him. He enlists the help of Kate to fix this problem and everything seems to be going well until Kate meets Andrew.
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Helen Thinks: For as long as she can remember, Kate has known that she's never the girl boys want to date. They only dance with her so that they can get her approval to date her best friend, Hazel. This, however, is going to change this season. Kate's main goal this season was to help her brother win the approval of his true love's parents but what she didn't encounter on meeting Andrew, the girlfriend's brother. Or for her childhood best friend, David, to return. Or for James Caldwell, Viscount of Hallden, to take an interest in her money...

With an endless pool of characters, you would think that a reader would get lost trying to remember which character is who or what their relationship with Kate was but this is never the case. Each individual character has their own quirks as well as how their relationships are with Kate. This could only happen with amazing writing and that's exactly what Astarael-11 delivers. Not only does the writing stay fluent so the reader can keep on track but the characters also develop throughout the story.

However, I have one slight issue with this story. Despite the summary stating that Kate's brother has fallen in love and he needs Kate's help to win over his true love's parents approval, this point is rarely visited throughout the story so it is slightly misleading but I wouldn't let that stop you from reading. The tale of Kate and her three suitors make a highly entertaining read.

Historical knowledge, believable characters and fast paced chapters makes “Season for Love” a story that you'll want to read in one sitting.


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