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“I’ll sell my body, I don’t know.” He ate another cookie. “THIS IS SO GOOD. I want to have epic sex with your baking skills.” An instructional guide on how to snare males in the trap of awesome cooking.
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Annie Thinks: "Franz now knew what he looked like when having an orgasm."
This line is what made me fall in love this this one-shot. Quotes like this were abundant in DELICIOUS, which may be why it has 277 reviews. With just over 3,000 words, this is easily one of the most adorable one-shots I've ever read, and definitely one of my favorites.
It's about a girl named Franz who is a very gifted baker. She brings brownies to her biology class, and one of the most popular guys in school--who tells Franz to call him Ferdinand--enjoys them maybe a little too much, declaring his love for Franz after just a few short exchanges. His "feelings" only grow as she brings him more and more desserts, proposing to her multiple times over the three days this story spans.
DELICIOUS is very fluffy. I was smiling and laughing and aww-ing throughout the whole thing. I only spotted a few mistakes, but there might have been more that I overlooked because I was so enamoured by the story. Franz was likable and realistic. She doesn't fall for Ferdinand the second he smiles at her, but she does admit that he is very attractive. He's lovable, too. He's popular, yes, but not a stereotype; he treats everyone the same way. He's funny and kind and so amazing to Franz. DELICIOUS is a seriously adorable story--it made me wish it would happen to me. I just need to learn how to bake...


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