Monday, July 2, 2012

Of Coffee and Broken Elevators

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So I get stuck in an elevator at a hotel with cute-bakery-guy. And then he informs me, without realizing who he was talking to, that he's basically been in love with me since the Stone Ages. Well. That was quite a long time.
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Annie Thinks: "Of Coffee and Broken Elevators" is one of those stories that we pretend to scoff and roll our eyes at, but secretly love and want to happen to us. It's a total clichè in a not-so-clichè way. Mark is adorably awkward--at times, he seems like nothing more than that guy who works at the bakery. But, oh, he's so much more! He is a delightfully normal love interest when most fiction these days focus on the bad boy, or the football star, or whatever. But no, Mark is the guy that we may overlook in our daily lives. Whether he's the cashier at our usual bakery, or that cute guy in English class. He is so utterly realistic, which gives me hope for my own love life! As for Emily, she's that pretty-but-doesn't-know-it type of girl. And, like many of us, she has bad days where she says things that she can't take back. She is so down to earth and real, like maybe our best friend is, or that girl in history class that we wish we could hate. And when Mark and Emily come together, it's magic, even if Mark doesn't know it's Emily in that broken down elevator. Of course, hilarity and squeal-out-loud moments ensue. But what about when the elevator gets fixed and the lights turn back on? Overall, this one-shot is a relatable, light read. There were very few grammar mistakes, and although the whole plot was a tad unrealistic, peanuts and paydays more than makes up for it with her startlingly real characters. It helps that the ending is totally aww-worthy!


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