Monday, July 2, 2012

The Queen of Darkness

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She didn’t know the first thing about witch-vampire relations, he thought with a devious kind of pleasure. Maybe she would let him touch her.
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Melissa Thinks: After her mother dies, Ella is left to take care of her three younger sisters. It seems easy enough for a tough, motherly girl like Ella, but what the young witch never expected was the powerful magic she's recently seemed to have acquired, the creatures trying to kill her, and the sexy vampire king who she can‘t seem to forget about. Velocius is a vampire king, and a bored one at that. Being a ruler for so long has it's perks, yet it has become somewhat of a bore for him. He never thought he'd be attracted to a witch; with the long standing war between the witches and vampires.

The first couple of chapters had me questioning whether or not I should review this story, but as I continued it became more apparent how much the our lovely readers could enjoy this story. Ella and Velocius have that instant sexual attraction that intrigues and excited you while reading. The tension between the supernatural races helps to give a sexy forbidden tone to the story. Although the frequent switching of POV's can sometimes be a little annoying, it also gives the reader an in depth look into the world that Soraya Cage has created and keeps you informed on the deep feelings that each character has. The Queen of Darkness brings together two opposite tones: dark and light and includes the right amount of romance and supernatural to keep you satisfied.


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