Monday, July 9, 2012

Personal Bias

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Julia King learns just how hard it is to remain professional in the face of personal bias and, oh, complete and utter loathing, when her boss takes on a new but familiar client.
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Annie Thinks: Personal Bias is one of those one-shots that doesn't feel like it's a one-shot. The plot was more complex than most stories' in this category. The writing was very professional--like something you would find in a bookstore. The characters--though very few seemed major--were likable and realistic. The history between Julia and Kevin was simple yet carried so much emotion. Although the story was in Julia's POV, it was easy to see both characters' stances on the event that pit them against each other, and how working together only complicates that. Personal Bias really worked my emotions too; I felt outraged one second, then warm and fuzzy the next. The dialogue was believable, the narration was gorgeous, and the characters were awesome and realistic. Overall, this one-shot was a delightful, attention-worthy read that could appeal to many romance lovers with its versatility and complexity without being overwhelming. In Personal Bias, Le Meg has truly created a masterpiece.


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